Saturday, 15 April 2017


Level 2 /3
  • draw plan, front, and side views of objects;

  • represent and describe the results of reflection, rotation, and translation on shapes or patterns;

  • sort two- and three-dimensional shapes (including prisms), considering given properties simultaneously and justifying the decisions made;

First we had to find different shapes in our classroom, school environment and name them.

After that we had to identify some of the properties of 2D and 3D objects. In our problem solving groups we had to sketch these objects and point out the different features like faces and edges.

Next we made a math vocabulary wall and discussed the meaning of different words. Then we had to make 3D shapes out of toothpicks and gummy bears. In our problem solving groups we came with some questions and tried to answer these questions using  our vocabulary wall and further discussions.

Then in our problem solving groups  using nets we had to make shapes and then record all the key features and name of the shape on an A3 piece of paper. We shared our findings with the class.

After that we had to use reflection, rotation, and translation on different shapes and draw these discussing the language as a class. Then we had to make a piece of artwork to represent reflection, rotation, and translation.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Our Interest Projects

Our Interest Projects

Deep understanding

People can make significant contributions to the communities in which they live, learn and work


We had a number of famous pictures of New Zealanders spread around the classroom. We had to add sticky notes to the pictures trying to guess who the people were and what sort of qualities and character traits they possessed (our big question). Some children decided to look at themselves and complete their IP on what made them unique.


Next as a class we came up with our driving questions to help guide our learning. Then we identified what resources we would need to complete our IP and how we would like to present it.

All children had to record in a diary of what they achieved and found out about themselves or the famous NZer. Some children found it challenging keeping an accurate record of what they accomplished each day.


Finally, we had to present our findings and reflect on what we had achieved up against the Key Competencies.

Today we started presenting our IPs. Outstanding work by Summer answering her driving questions and big question. She also kept an accurate record of what she did each day on her IP.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Problem Solving with Fractions

First we played 'l have.. Who has...' This helped us to identify and say the fraction correctly. Then we worked in our problem solving groups to solve some fraction word problems. These involved finding the biggest fraction and ordering fractions from smallest to largest.

Thursday, 6 April 2017


Last Friday we had two Canterbury Dodgeball Players come to teach Koru 2 some dodgeball skills and tactics to help us work as a team. We were given shirts from a range of New Zealand and international teams to wear whilst we practised our skills and played a game.

Congratulations to Chelden and Briana for showing team work and determination. These two children were chosen as the player of their games and were given a Canterbury Vikings singlet to keep.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Koru Awards

Congratulations to these students for receiving awards in assembly last week.

Literacy: Bryson and Destiny
Value - curious: Tyrese