Friday, 23 June 2017

Koru 2’s Learning Conferences

Children should be proud of the way they went about sharing their learning and new collaborative environment with whanau.

Koru 2’s Learning Conferences
Parents, whanau and friends of student, please mark off each area that your child shows and explains to you.

  • Geometry artwork.
  • Geometry assessment sheet (in portfolio).
  • Share the problem solving process and groups.
  • Big maths book - working document.
  • LincEd mathematics comment

  • Process - pre-write/plan, draft, revise, edit & publish.
  • Published pieces of writing.
  • LincEd writing comment.
  • Share my reading activities
  • What is epic reading?
  • LincEd reading comment

  • Show my project and assessment from Term1
   (in portfolio).
  • How Stuff Works: my car or parachute.          
Koru 2 Licence System
  • How it works.
  • What it means.
  • What I need to do to move up a licence.

Class Treaty
  • Explain the process we went through to develop this treaty.

Online Learning
  • Google Drive: my goals and reflections - why have I chosen these?
  • Google classroom: Koru 2 blog link, my reading group, curriculum challenge, writing tasks.
  • Blogs: My blog and Koru 2 blog.

Please feel free to ask the Koru 2 teachers any other questions you may have.

Mr Cron, Miss Mackintosh and Miss Baker

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Poetry Techniques   
Putting pictures in our minds is one way poets and other writers get their message across. These pictures are called images or imagery.

The language that is used to produce these pictures is called figurative language, because the words do not have their everyday meaning (literal meaning) but another meaning (figurative meaning) which our imagination helps to create.

To help with ideas we watched a video that had beautiful images of NZ landscapes.

Koru 2 then explored a few language features that can be used in poetry, for example, similes, metaphors, and personification.

Can you identify some of the language features in our poems?

River Flows
Flowing like a snake
Powerful turn it rides
River flows

Under banks
Over rocks
River flows

Splashing, rushing
Tumbling and rumbling
River flows

By Koru 2

Wonderland Begins

Fluffy pillows in the sky

Gliding through the moonlight

Sparkling diamonds up so high

Rivers splashing over slimy rocks

Wonderland of hope and dreams

By Taila

Night Sky

Blue ocean

Up high

White splashes

Fairy dust

Silver balloon


Wonder why?

Dream how?

Mysterious life

By Lily

Blue Sky

Sky like an ocean

Streaky shades of white

Smashing together

Powerful sight

Unique shapes

Universe to behold

By Jasmine

Monday, 12 June 2017

Making Predictions

There were 4 cubes in a covered bag (a combination of pink and green). We pulled out one cube at a time and then returned it to the bag. We repeated this several times, to try make predictions about how many of each colour there were. We looked at the results to help us make these predictions.

“When there are three green cubes and one pink cube in the bag, I think that there is a more likely chance of pulling out a green cube.” - Jamie B

“There is an unlikely probability of pink being pulled out because there is only one pink and there are three green.” - Emily

“When there are two green and two pink, there is an even chance of pulling out either colour.” - Chloe

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Look at us testing our parachute designs.

Children completed an inquiry plan and researched information about parachutes. They then had to write instructions on how they were going to make their own parachutes. The aim was to design a parachute that could land softly.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Active Listening in Koru 2

Active Listening

Click on the link to view us learning what  active listen looks like, sounds like and feels like.

After learning the definition for active listening  we then practiced active listening to a partner. See how well we went.